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3-class series


Got shoulder problems?  Recovering from rotator cuff injury or surgery?  Can't reach behind your back or over your head without pain?  Are you experiencing loss of range of motion, pain or weakness in a shoulder?  If you said yes, then this series is for you.


In this series you will restore balance to the muscles that circle the shoulder joint so you can move freely once again.  You will learn simple movements coupled with self trigger point release practices to ease tension and pain around the shoulders. 


Are you ready?  Let's go!

Who are you?

Do you have shoulder pain? Weakness? Shoulder bursitis? Radiating pain, tingling, or numbness from the shoulder down to the hand?
Maybe it's hard for you to carry things or lift your kids or grandkids. Maybe you struggle sleeping because of  shoulder pain?


Does it cause pain even to brush your hair, hook your bra, or open a dang jar?

If any of this describes you then this series might be just the thing you need.
When we’re done, you’ll feel less pain, move more feely, and be empowered with skills and tools to take care of your shoulders for the rest of your life.

Did you know?

About 85% of all aches and pains in the body can easily be fixed yourself but most people continue to suffer, sometimes for years or decades, because they just don’t know how to do that?


Here’s the problem you face: you’ve got this issue in your shoulder that might impact your neck and arms, too.  Maybe it's shoulder pain.  Maybe it's numbness and tingling down your arms.  Maybe it's shoulder bursitis.  All you know is it hurts and it's getting in your way of doing the things you want to do, which may simply be to walk around the house without pain!

So you go to a doctor, physical therapist or skilled massage therapist.   Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't.  Maybe you've even considered surgery because it's so bad!

Shoulder issues can bring you down a rabbit hole of unhelpful therapies or reliance on someone else to fix you.    Sometimes the therapies help for a while.  Sometimes your symptoms actually get worse.


Luckily for you, there’s a simple solution. Let me introduce you to FreeBody Therapeutics. 


FreeBody is a simple but highly effective system that transforms your body out of pain and dysfunction so you can get back to enjoying your life. 

Introducing FreeBody Therapeutics:

Super Shoulders Series

Online 3-Class Series


Easy foam rolling and self myofascial release practices so you can locate and release the exact location of tension causing your pain or immobility, and do it yourself. No more wasting time and money seeing therapists or waiting to get help when you have a problem. You can fix it yourself!  (Balls are required for this part. You have the option to provide your own or purchase a few basic balls for the series.)

An Ebook to download with anatomy lessons and information on trigger point and pain referral patterns.  This will help you understand you pain further and support your experience in the classes.

Targeted stretching so you can open up the short and stuck places in your body. You will know exactly where and how to stretch without wasting time on things that may make you feel worse or not help at all.

Movement breaks that you can incorporate throughout your day so you can free up your joints and easily gain more strength and mobility. These short breaks make it so that you don’t have to spend an hour every day on physical therapy exercises and you will move and feel much better!

Simple practices to build balanced strength in the muscles around the shoulders.  Build strength step by step while maintaining good range of motion.

Proven breathing practices that soften the entire nervous system so you can release tension through the whole body making you more relaxed and calm and reducing pain and tension.

About Cat Matlock


Cat Matlock is the founder, lead therapist and instructor at FreeBody Trigger Point Massage Clinic and Training Center in Asheville, NC.  Since 1993, she has helped thousands of people move more freely and get out of pain.  Cat has continuously studied the body and mind (and heart), developing her methods of addressing dysfunction, injury, and chronic pain.  Her work is rooted in Trigger Point Therapy and a strong belief in the essential practice of working with the nervous system to gain access to the muscles and connective tissues.  


She began instructing yoga in 2001 and massage therapy in 2006.  In 2012, Cat started offering public SMFR classes with the added benefit of precise trigger point location and release.  Cat expertly weaves her knowledge of the nervous system and vagal tone (essentially, being able to handle difficult things with more ease) with her anatomical knowledge and precise trigger point skills into every class she teaches.


Cat is also a Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist™, an instructor of the Overcoming Anxiety™ series, and a longtime practitioner of yoga and meditation.  As a 500hr EYT with Yoga Alliance, she is a guest instructor in yoga teacher trainings, guiding therapeutic yoga and foam rolling, anatomy, and meditation courses.   Cat is an instructor for Yoga International and created a  YouTube channel  with free Self MyoFascial Release (SFMR)videos.  


Only $77!  

Cat is more than totally awesome!  I LOVE her classes!


I had been doing PT and chiropractic for over a year and just couldn't get better.  In one conversation, Cat isolated the exact cause of my pain.  She told me what to do and I had immediate relief!


Cat gave me hope again when I was totally hopeless that I would ever be out of pain.


Cat's self care classes are so so amazing! What a gracious gift to teach us such effective ways to help heal ourselves. I am so glad to learn these techniques from her, and would recommend these to anyone.


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