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Introduction to Meditation and

Self Regulation

A convergence of brain science, proven breathing practices, and guided meditations so you can finally be successful in finding your quiet mind.


About this course..

Are you ready to experience more ease, more peace, and more emotional freedom?

In FreeBody Therapeutics: Introduction to Meditation and Self Regulation, Cat Matlock will guide you through some simple brain science to help you understand how emotional triggers work.  You will learn what happens when your nervous system gets hijacked by old stories, old fears and worries, and WHY this happens.  Once you can identify that you ARE being hijacked, you are empowered to use the simple techniques you will learn in this course to reclaim and reset your nervous system back to a state of calm ease.  Simple scientifically proven breathing practices  will land in your toolbox for you to access so you can keep stepping down your stress response and become better able to respond instead of react to the ups and downs of your life.  

This course includes 14 guided breathing practices and meditations to help you drop down off the rollercoaster of life and settle into calm.


Access to an online membership page with 5 modules of video lessons

Guided meditations to follow along with and download for easy access

In the "Intro to Meditation and Self Regulation" classes we will address:

  • A beginning understanding of meditation

  • Breathing techniques for self-regulation

  • The chemistry of stress

  • How we create our brains

  • The science of how meditation affects our brains

  • Brain chemistry and the art of Yoga Nidra

  • Cultivating gratitude

  • and SO MUCH MORE!

Simple practices to expand your knowledge and experience of meditation and self-regulation.

Proven breathing practices that soften and reset the entire nervous system supporting the whole body making you more relaxed and calm.

About Cat Matlock

  Cat Matlock is the founder, lead therapist, and instructor at FreeBody Trigger Point Massage Clinic and Training Center in Asheville, NC.  Since 1993, she has continuously studied the body and mind (and heart), developing her methods of addressing dysfunction, injury, and chronic pain.  Her work is rooted in Trigger Point Therapy and a strong belief in the essential practice of working with the nervous system to gain access to the muscles and connective tissues.  

  Cat is also a Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist™, an instructor of the Overcoming Anxiety™ series, and a longtime practitioner of yoga and meditation.  As a 500hr EYT with Yoga Alliance, she is a guest instructor in yoga teacher trainings, guiding therapeutic yoga and foam rolling, anatomy, and meditation courses.   Cat is an instructor for Yoga International and created a  YouTube channel  with free Self MyoFascial Release (SFMR)videos.  

  She began instructing yoga in 2001 and massage therapy in 2006.  In 2012, Cat started offering public SMFR classes with the added benefit of precise trigger point location and release.  Cat expertly weaves her knowledge of the nervous system and vagal tone (essentially, being able to handle difficult things with more ease) with her anatomical knowledge and precise trigger point skills into every class she teaches.





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